Stop the Brainwashing

I am staunchly anti-racism. I am a supporter of fairness, truth and human rights, and I believe in the power of choice remaining in the hands of the individual.

I am sick of people trying to tell me what to think, how to vote, who to love, what direction to pray and what to put in my mouth.




Jeremy Clarkson. Once again, the man is the source of some headlines in some newspapers that people unfortunately read. He is currently facing a lot of backlash for something he mumbled that wasn’t aired on the BBC. Granted, the man’s presenting style is naturally close to the bone, and he has been known to stir up current issues whilst presenting Top Gear, but a racist, he is not. I think that, in an age of political correctness gone overkill, his provocative style is a refreshing nod to simpler times.

Jeremy Clarkson is not a baddie. The people at fault here are the girls and boys behind the Daily Mirror, who published the offending slurred nursery rhyme footage in the first place. The only reasons behind this were those of profit, and as a result, they are causing a lot of hurt to many people. Clarkson should not have provided his provocateurs with more ammunition by offering up an apology.

I think a lot of people need to make up their own minds on such issues. The problem with these tabloids is that they are tailored towards people who require escape. People whose own thoughts terrify them so much that the very prospect of self-awareness and free thinking are completely alien to them. Stop believing and start living.

Well done Daily Mirror, you once again dangled the carrot and we chased it round and round and round….

Don’t worry, Clarkson. I still love you.